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About Lisa

Lisa’s comprehensive training in many different healing modalities, extensive life experience, and sincere passion to serve and empower others creates a truly one-of-a-kind healing experience. Lisa is a Certified Reiki Master, advanced intuitive energy healer, certified crystal healer and child mindfulness instructor. As a lifelong student, she is always involved in new courses, retreats, and experiences to strengthen her practice and enhance her wisdom. 
A powerful intuitive, Lisa meditates daily and is especially in-tune with energies. She has a deep understanding when it comes to identifying and releasing energetic blockages in the body, chakras, and aura, allowing for balance and healing in all aspects of her clients’ life. 


“When my twins were babies, I often became overwhelmed by my emotions and stress in my life. I was reactive with my husband and children which left me feeling frustrated and like a failure. When I stepped into my power and begin to heal, my entire life changed. I realized how my energy influenced everyone around me. Slowly but surely, our house became quieter, calmer and a happier place to be. My passion is to work with parents and children through energy healing and mindfulness so that they may live a happier, peaceful and healthier life.”  


About Energy Healing

Energy healing is a nurturing healing therapy that stimulates and clears the physical and subtle energy flow around the body creating balance, harmony and wholeness. We are constantly evolving with, adapting to, and dealing with a myriad of life experiences. Along the way, these experiences can create blocks or areas of congestion in our natural energy flow.


When our personal energy field is not flowing freely, we may feel stuck, overwhelmed, unbalanced or simply "off". 


Energy healing is a gentle, supportive therapy that helps bring your personal energy field back into its natural, open, flowing state. Energy healing brings your mind, body and spirit into alignment.

Energy healing is an individualized treatment. Your energetic state and your personal healing needs are as unique as you are.  Together we develop a plan to address your needs. 

Clients have reported feeling deeply relaxed, supported and balanced after a healing session. A renewed sense of purpose, clarity and vitality are common experiences. Words like lighter, peaceful, grounded, open, energized and refreshed are often used.

Energy healing is wonderful complimentary therapy for traditional medical treatment of illness and disease. 

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