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"I cannot say enough incredible things about Lisa’s immeasurable ability to tap into energy and clear your field. My specific experience was literally like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She has such an incredible way of making you feel completely comfortable, safe, and protected, much like a mother would, while working in your energetic field. She is able to quickly and easily help you release years of suck, stagnant energy that you probably had no idea was there. To sum it up in one word: MAGICAL!!! Thank you Lisa, I will forever be grateful for this amazing experience."

  • Julie-Mississippi 

"My first session was a little over a month ago. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I was in good hands.I sometimes let the weight of the world weigh heavy on my heart, so I showed up that morning with the intention of releasing all that negativity and anxiety. I felt so much better afterward, and I don’t think it was any coincidence that i was wide awake very late that night!  Lisa has this calming presence and makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. She’s relatable, transparent, and non-judgmental. If you’re considering this at all... don’t think twice about booking your session! You’ll be so glad that you did!"

  • Heather-Pennsylvania 


“You manage to create a safe space for ceremony where one can have their intentions witnessed and lovingly supported in a zoom of like-minded women of various ages and stages of journey. The experience really cemented my intentions. I felt much more focused and zen like throughout today.  Thank you!”

  • Diane-Pennsylvania

"2020-2021 has been very stressful. I wanted to release some of that stress so I decided to try a session with Lisa. I felt so much lighter afterwards that I booked a follow up session a month later. I have been seeing her regularly since then. What I love about Lisa is that she is very down to earth. I never feel judged and I am able to share how I am feeling. I am so happy to have found Lisa and encourage anyone interested in energy healing to give her a try. 

  • Leslie-Exton, Pa 

"As an energy worker myself, energy clearings, healings, and feeling rejuvenated is a MUST! I'm EXTREMELY picky of who I allow to work on me, but with Lisa, I immediately felt safe and protected. She creates such a safe, loving, and non judgmental space, that not only do I feel lighter afterwords, but free from all of the heaviness I carry. 
Lisa also works on my kids and clears their energy fields. This REALLY helps relieve their anxiety.  The best part  is you don't have to be in her physical presence for her to work her magic as she can connect virtually while receiving the same results!  I encourage anyone who is struggling with the day to day of the heaviness and fear to book a session with Lisa. I promise that you won’t be disappointed".

  • Mandy-Aston, Pa

"Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that ever since my energy healing session,  I have felt so clear this week. I am tackling projects and really looking forward to the new year! Thank you!!!!"

  • Susan-Chester Springs   

"I met Lisa at a girls scout meeting and loved her energy!! Then I find out a month or two later she does reiki and energy healing and it was the perfect time for me to give it a try. After my session I felt light and my head was clear, I can't recommend her enough. I bumped into a friend at target this week who also went to see Lisa and we talked about her and how amazing our sessions were for a good 15mins. She is also amazing with kids and our tweens right now they need it the most!! She is in Chester Springs area so make sure to check her out!"

  • Amy-Chester Springs 

Today I had the most amazing session with Lisa. I felt so relaxed and recharged, I didn't want to get up from the table. I can't wait until my next appointment.

  • Barbie-Parksburg 

Raylan did her first Reiki kids session today. I always talk about the healer.... aka... Lisa Halpin and Ray said mom I want to see the healer.

We got all the negative energy out of her body and she learned all about Crystals, how to help herself when she is scared and sad.

Lisa also had Ray pick out one crystal to keep and she chose the Apricot Agate which means stone of power, strength and protection. Lisa also gave her a special crystal an Angelite, which is a soothing and gentle crystal that helps us connect with the angelic realm and our guardian angels.

I highly recommend Lisa for reiki she has been so amazing for my family!!

  • Amy-Chester Springs


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