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Your higher self is whispering to you. Can you hear it?

Can you feel it? Can you feel the shift that is happening in your life and in the world?

As we witness the cracks in healthcare, education and government, we may also

be seeing cracks in our personal lives. Are you noticing that relationships with friends, family and your career feel different? Is what once felt good and fulfilling to you, not feel the same? Are you questioning your life and the direction that it is going??  If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then congrats and join the club! The collective consciousness and the consciousness of Gaia is rising. What we used to find fulfilling, simply isn’t anymore. Why do you suppose that this is? Let’s review what we know so far. We know that everything is energy. We attract people, jobs and situations into our lives that vibrate at the same frequency as us. As we rise our consciousness, the things that once felt good to us aren’t resonating at our same frequency anymore and things begin to feel off. We can begin to question our life and the people in it. This is totally normal, but can be very scary and overwhelming. We are being asked to step into the unknown and to break free. Do you know what is holding us back? It’s our ego. The number job of the ego is to keep us safe. The unconscious ego attempts to keep us safe socially, intellectually, emotionally, financially, energetically, and physically. So when we feel deeply that we need a change in our lives, our ego will tell us that it’s not such a good idea. It may try to convince us to stay in an unfulfilling relationship and/or job for fear of being alone and/or not having enough money.

Now that you are aware of the ego and it’s job, you may ask ask “how do I let go of ego and quiet it”? Well, the answer lies within. Being aware of the ego will automatically dampen it down, slowing its momentum, and eventually destroying it. Once the ego crumbles, your soul will be revealed. So what is the opposite of the ego? Peace. Wisdom. Love. Unity. All of these will arise.

Our soul is whispering and guiding us to a new life. A life with more resonance, connection and meaning. We simply need to quiet the ego to hear it. We can quiet the ego through our breath by practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation allows us to disconnect from being our thoughts to noticing our thoughts (what your ego is telling you). When we are in meditation and our mind is clear, we can begin to notice what thoughts appear — and it’s super interesting. We get to see how our brain has been programmed to think (so far). When we get to notice this we can change it.

Here is a simple guide to get started with meditation. You firstly want to find a quiet place where you can relax. Maybe put on some soothing music (no words). Now just breathe. Don’t force it, just allow it to find its natural rhythm. At the end of each out breath, simply count “1” and at the end of the in breath, count “2”. Do this again and again as you feel your mind clear. You should feel a sense of spaciousness and calm. If you lose track of the counting or you notice your thoughts drifted off, simply bring your attention back to the breath and begin counting again without any judgement.

It’s important to let go of your expectations before meditating. Everyone meditates differently, so you shouldn’t have an expectation of what it should be like. Don’t expect to be this amazing buddhist monk at the start — your goal shouldn’t be to have a fully clear mind. It should simply be to become aware of how your mind operates and if this ego is talking to you .

There are many tools to help you meditate. I have used the Calm app, Insight timer, YouTube, and Headspace to help me along in my meditation journey.

Feel free to comment with your questions or comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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